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High Life Rasta Swirl Chillum

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With a very interesting color scheme, the Rasta Swirl Chillum is able to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Some chillums can be boring but the combination of Rasta striping and blues and whites give this hand pipe an entrancing look. The various swirls run from the rounded mouthpiece to the bowl. In between are a few raised glass bumps. Not only do these protrusions add to the beauty of the Rasta Swirl Chillum but they also help with its functionality. The glass marbles help with the positioning and grip of your fingers when holding the hand pipe. They can be found along the neck of the chillum, following the path of the color scheme. On the body of the Rasta Swirl Chillum towards the bowl is a bulbous region. Like at the round mouthpiece, the striping bends at this bubble as well. These two areas along with the bowl are where the Rasta stripes and blue and whites turn slightly, giving the pipe a more complete look. The bowl has a good amount of room for ample packs. Chillums are not known for being able to hold too much dry herbs. The Rasta Swirl Chillum is not a typical one hitter. The pipe is a comfortable 4.25" long. This enables easy transportation, as the chillum can easily fit in your pocket. Nothing is better than being able to carry a pipe around with you. The 4mm thickness of the chillum helps with any ill handling or passing around between a group of friends.

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