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High Life Rocky Road Fumed Sherlock Bubbler

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Although this bubbler's name says otherwise, the Rocky Road Fumed Sherlock Bubbler produces quick and tasty hits. The pipe gets its name from the numerous and random raised glass bumps that can be found all over its body and bent neck. These bumps give every sherlock bubbler made a unique and distinct feel. The raised glass bumps also help with the overall grip when holding the hand pipe. Another special feature of the Rocky Road Fumed Sherlock Bubbler is its bent neck. The degree of the curve varies from pipe to pipe so everything about the bubbler you purchase makes it your own. No two pipes are exactly the same. Fumed glass is a very interesting composition for a pipe as it changes colors not only in light but after you use it. The more you smoke out of the Rocky Road Fumed Sherlock Bubbler, the more you will see the changes. No matter the color choice you go with, this bubbler always comes with a deep bowl. The deep bowl helps you do heavy packs. Obviously the deeper the bowl, the more herbs or tobacco you can fit in. This means larger hits and less time spent repacking your bowl. A deep bowl is specifically good for people who smoke a lot or when smoking with friends. A fixed downstem is attached to this deep bowl, diffusing your smoke in just a small amount of water.

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